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15.004: Burch, James Ryan, 31

James Ryan Burch
    James Ryan Burch, my sweet Baby James was born on August 31, 1983 at 11:04 am at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC. He came into our lives at a very dark time as we had just lost his father. He was named after James (Tiny Boy) Burch. He has two older brothers, Jeffrey and Justin and in 1990 they were blessed with a sister, Angela Christine. If you asked James today he would tell you she "Was the best sister anybody could ever have". They were tight growing up and when we moved to Florida the "Burch Boys" livened up that street. They rode their bikes all over the neighborhood and quite often on his way to school his pants leg would get caught in the chain of his brothers bike because he was riding the handle bars!! He was always a giver and a believer in God. As an early teen he begged me to let him go to Belize with the church to be a missionary. Yes - Missionary. I could not let him go that far and he didn't make that trip. James loved to climb trees. He fell out of the neighbors tree and broke his arm while he was picking oranges. He wasn't supposed to be in that tree but we all know how that goes. They were quite intrigued by the lizards and put them on their ears like earrings and swam with the manatees when nobody else would. James was tiny growing up so we enrolled him in Karate. He was so proud when he broke the board and got his first belt. He played Pop Warner football but didn't really like it. There was many a Saturday we spent on the football field cheering them on. As a child he came to our door every night to say "Good night" "I love you Mom & Charlie".
      James had a big heart, a lover of life and made friends wherever he went. He had a way with words and had no problem expressing himself. He spent much of his adult life in Maryland. His daughter Chyanne Christine Burch was born in October, 2009. She was by far the love of his life and he was so proud. James unfortunately struggled with addiction as many of you reading this are. He left Maryland in October 2010 to begin his journey for his daughter. He wanted to change his life for Chyanne. He was man enough to leave her then and most recently reunited with his daughter. On November 8th 2014 he saw her for the first time in four years. That night when speaking with him he was so happy. He said "Mom, I feel so good. This was the best day I have had in a long time and I am on such a high right now. You just don't even know" When she called him Dad and told him she loved him he was so happy. It is amazing how much they were alike. Chyanne told him my favorite color is green - what is yours? It too was green. She called him just before Christmas asking him to come over. I need your help . I need you to help me build a trap for Santa. I laughed hysterically as that is exactly what he would have done!!
        James always told me the truth. As a mom I would flip out and he would say "Just kidding mom wanted to see what you would say". The truth is it was the truth. He would call and leave me messages "Hey mom, it's me, just called to say I love you and have a good day, talk to you later. Thankfully I still have one of those messages. In my heart I was always afraid it would be that last one.
          In a recent letter from him he wrote, Mom I want you to know that I love you and no matter what the decisions I make in life they have absolutely nothing 2 do with you. You are the best mother a man could have & I miss you. Tell Dad I said hello and I love him as well.
            He made me laugh until I cried. Last week he told me he wanted to finish school and go to college. We hadn't quite decided what path yet but it was always "One day at a time". He wanted more than anything to make us proud.
                I loved my son more than life itself and tried so hard to keep him safe. Unfortunately, God had a different plan. I ask of each of you to remember his smile, his laughter and know that he will live on in our hearts forever. This I know was not HIS plan. With all my love - Mom
                    James was not only my brother he was my best friend. We always had a special bond that could never be broken no matter what the situation may of been. James was an amazing man who was loved by many but most of all he loved his family more than anything in the world. James had one of the biggest hearts out of anyone I have ever known. James was the biggest sweetheart and his heart was full of gold. His smile, his laugh and his presence was just enough to brighten your day . He had the effect to make things better even if it was just for the moment. He would have given you the shirt off his back or done anything for you if he had it.
                      James was full of life, love, hopes and dreams. He always had plans for his life and the man he truly wanted to be. James always called those plans "game changers". He believed either you go big or go home! In my heart, I always believed in him! My mom and I where always James' biggest believers and supporters no matter what the situation was. James was a man that loved to laugh and most of all to make others laugh. He was the biggest prankster I have ever known and he sure was good at it. He could always make you laugh so hard till you cried.
                        James had so much love to give and always made sure that you knew how much he loved you and how much you meant to him. Whether it being a phone call or being in his presence, he was always known for saying "I love you"! That alone is something that could never be for gotten. James would always tell me that I was truly special and that one day he would find and marry a woman just like me. He was always proud of me and looked up to me. Not only was he proud that I was his sister I was truly proud of him and having him as my brother. At times, I had to be the big sister and that I was always fine with because I always had him by my side. James and I could always laugh and talk about anything for hours. We could tell each other anything and never pass judgment. I will love you forever and always and you will forever be a part of my life! Forever your sister-Ang
                        • Arrest
                        • Lemuel Alonzo
                          Brown, Jr.
                          • Brown, Lemuel Alonzo, Jr., 25
                          • Resident: Harwood, MD, Polling House Road, 200 block
                          • Casesearch: 2E00563859, Murder-First Degree
                            • At least seven other criminal cases since 2008
                        (Updated 21 Jan 2015)


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