Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lee, Hartley Letron, 23

(Posted 19 Apr 2006)
Hartley Letron Lee, 23

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  1. Can you tell me why the police never seem to be around at these clubs when our young men are gunned down? However if you are speeding they are always right there catching and writing you a high ticket. Why does it take so long for them to make an arrest when the victim is BLACK? Or maybe someone can answer this what do I tell our son why his dad was taken away from him? I'm running out of answers for my son, he has good days and not so good days. He needs closure I need closure but how can we have it when the people responsible are still walking amongst us freely. I can't move on where will move to? Furthermore all shopping centers these days have cameras where is the tapes from this night, were they even pulled? When a white person is murdered or a victim 90% of the time there's an arrest but not when it's one of our young black men. CAn we atleast get a phone call like you are really working on the case. These senseless killings have to stop our kids need their fathers. My son doesn't understand to the fullest that daddy is with him everyday and loves him just as much as he did when he was here. His anger can come from not having closure. It's been a year and it still feels like that dreadful day when I received the worst call ever. I lost my soulmate, I still have a part of him in my son but it's not the same. I want justice PLEASE.