Friday, October 13, 2006

Brown, Raymond, 36

(Updated 14 Dec 2010, Map)

Raymond Brown, 36 (6.098).
  • Nieman Marcus Edmond, 19
    • Arrested 10 Apr 2007
    • Charge: Second degree murder
    • Address: Upper Marlboro, address not reported by police  (581).
    • Source: Police, 10 Apr 2007

  • Jamaal Garvin Alexis, 20
    • Arrested 29 Jan 2008
    • Charge: First degree murder
    • Address: East Marlboro Avenue, 2000 block, 20785  (580).
    • Sourcea: 
Updates (incomplete):
  • Trial for Mitchellville music producer's slaying set to begin; Jury selection scheduled to begin again after eight postponements (Gazette, Skalski, 30 Sep 2010)
  • Man (Jamaal Alexis) gets 140 years in music producer killing Raymond 'Scottie Beats' Brown) (Post, Castaneda, 14 Dec 2010
  • Landover man sentenced to 140 years in 2006 murder of Mitchellville music producer 'Scotty Beats' (Gazette, Skalski, 14 Dec 2010)


  1. These so called human beings Jamal Alexis and neiman Marcus (what a joke) Edmond are less than human would take 1 million of those pieces of garbage to replace just one Scotty. i hope that the sentence that is handed down in this case is far worse than death!
    These low class, ignorant, theives deserve to burn for what they did to Scotty. if god is a swift god then these boys will burn for what they did. they don't even deserve a trail...They killed a witness in the case? What kind of world do we live in where this type of injustice is allowed to happen?
    death is too good for these two COWARDS!

  2. I couldn't agree more with the comments made on Tuesday, December 23, 2008.

    Every one of them who had something to do with the murder of Scotty will get what they deserve.

    Starting with low life, to live no more Bobby Dustin Ennels. This piece of shit got his for the role he play in Scotty's murder.

    The ignorant too much TV watchin coward supreme Jamaal Garvin Alexis is now facing the DEATH PENALTY for his roll in the murder of Scotty and his accomplis and partner in crime, his boy, Bobby Ennels. This piece of shit can't get whats comin to him soon enough! This B!tch ass low life is such a piece of shit, that now his own brother is going to have to suck some gas and die. The planet will be a better place when the tow of them are gone too.

    And Finally, Nieman Marcus Edmond. This fools future was over before it got started....what chicken head names her some after a department store? He was destined to be a low life scumb of the earth. He to will get what he got comming to him for the role he also played in Scotty's murder. But for real, Nieman Marcus Edmonds Mother should have to got to jail to, if only on the strength of giving her son a dumb ass name. He could help but to grow up and do some dumb shit!

  3. Nieman Marcus Edmond Mother crystal should be ashamed of herself