Friday, January 12, 2007

Gebreamlak, Bekuretsion K., 57

(Updated 22 Jan 2007; summary & statistics)
Bekuretsion K. Gebreamlak, 57
  • Date: 12 Jan 2007, 9:04 pm
  • Location: Livingston Road, 5521, 20745 (7.005)
  • Shot during 7-11 store robbery
  • Victim's address: Regency Parkway, 3900 block, 20746
  • Sources:
    • Police, 13 Jan 2007, 13 Jan 2007, 15 Jan 2007,
    • Examiner,
    • Gazette, 15 Jan 2007 (Schumann).
    • Post, 13 Jan 2007 (Williams) (victim not identified).
    • Times, 14 Jan 2007
    •, 13 Jan 2007
    • Commentary on Prince George's County blog What Would You Say If You Weren't Afraid?:
      . . . The Washington Post has an ongoing series tracking barbarism in urban America. They haven't given the series a name, beyond "Metro section."
      . . .
      The Washington Post article has a description of the suspect, without a mention of race:

      "It was a very brazen crime, and we desperately want to get that guy off the street," Cpl. Clinton Copeland said of the assailant, who was wearing a long black coat, two-tone blue jeans, gloves and a black knit hat.

      I suppose the Washington Post is in a tough position because mentioning the race of accused killers upsets some concerned about stereotypes. But when it comes to crimes, we need to hear as much info as quickly as possible. Whereas the accused can ditch the coat, jean, gloves, and hat, he can't ditch his race very quickly. By the way, I'm not concerned about knowing the alleged criminal's race once he or she has been caught, although I could see releasing as much info about convicted criminals so that victims can try to tie the criminal to other crimes.
      . . .

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