Monday, June 11, 2007

Williams, Lachrisha Patrice, 32

(Updated 18 Jun 2007; summary & statistics)
Lachrishia Patrice Williams, 32


  1. lachrisha was pregnant at the time of her murder.the person who took my babies life and of my grandbaby is a low life. a dirty scum of the earth.i hope that jackass get everything a piece of shit deserves. i actually hate his gusts.

  2. Lachrisha was my sister and I miss her very much. She was a great spirit and did NOT deserve what happened to her. My mother misses her daughter with all of her heart and soul. The person who took my sister's life will get just what they DESERVE!! Big sister your FAMILY LOVES YOU and that LOVE will NEVER DIE. oxoxoxoxoxox

  3. @ KIM.... i dont know who you are,, but your comment is like you were my sisters mother,, you may have been a friend to her but you are NOT her MOTHER.. OUR MOTHER MISSES MY SISTER BADLY as well as HER GRAND BABY.. I appreciate you concern BUT commenting as if you were her mother is not something we (lachrishas FAMILY) wants to come on here and read.