Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ware, Ramon Domonique, 18

(Updated 12 Feb 2009, Map )

Ramon Domonique Ware, 18
  • Kendall Delante Hinton, 18
  • Arrested 6 Jan 2009
  • Charge: First degree murder
  • Address: Washington, DC, G Street NW, 100 block
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  1. Ramon Ware is loved and appreciated by so many. Especially Suitland High School Class of 2007. We are his family and we mourn his death greatly. He was such a smart young man and his intellect surmounted the majority of his peers. His life was ended by the hands of another young Black man. When will we finally see that killing each other is not the answer? As we mourn the death of our close friend, we pray that we find justice. We also pray that his death shows these gangs like Hilltop and Walker Mill that violence only makes matters worse. Let's encourage one another not tear each other down. Rest in peace Ramon, you will truly be missed by many.

  2. “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” ~Washington Irving~

    I am Justin DeSha-Overcashs' momma....not one hour has gone by since January 11, 2011 that I have not thought about my son and only child. My son, my friend, my constant; when you were born God generously bestowed such wonderful gifts upon you. These special endowments from God our Father drew so many people close to you in your short 22 years and they all deeply loved you for your compassion, strength, honesty, intelligence, humor and genuine kindness. Deandre Ricardo Williams (habitual crime offender released of his own recognizance for a FELONY II HANDGUN ARREST in DC TWENTY FOUR DAYS before he shot my beautiful son in COLD BLOOD. He did not know my son and targeted Justin and his room mates home for robbery. The only thing this cold blooded murderer robbed Justin of on January 11th was his LIFE! This senseless act of heinous cold blooded killing has left Justin's family, friends, Cuzes, Bruhs, professors, staff and neighbors devastated and in shock. This KILLER had no right to take my son's promising life from him or all of us who love him so dearly. Justin GAVE TO SOCIETY and WILLIAMS (aka KILLER) ONLY TOOK FROM SOCIETY. Everyone will always remember Justin DeSha-Overcash but as the years pass NO ONE will remember the name of this COLD BLOODED KILLER. I love and miss you Justin more than mortal words can express...I remain Justin's momma <3

  3. My lil Brother was taken away 5yrs ago in the a senseless killing by the hands of a coward who knew nothing about the promising life that Ramon had ahead of him leaving behind a mother who adored her son a sister that still cries every halloween and a nephew who vows to be like his uncle in football who knows that his uncle is looking down on him being his guardian angel........Kendall my family wants u to know the damage that u did to us on that halloween day and the yrs after,I hope ur mother doesn't have to suffer as we r suffering now knowing she can touch u and see u while we can no longer do that to Ramon...........Ramon sleep on in peace for we loved u but god loved u most...............