Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wilkerson, Aubrey Jerome, 21

(Updated 27 Oct 2007)
Aubrey Jerome Wilkerson, 21


  1. Words can't say how much you are missed brother it hurts to come around and to only see your face on a shirt. Whoever did this had no heart, to take you away from so many that truly care for you is more painful then any punch or hit.Fat man just know that as you watch over us all that you are loved and could never be forgotten.

  2. Hey aubrey i think about u everyday. I even shed a few for u. I still got those pictures from the hoffmans theatre wen me u white boy and big kris went out. I even got the one from Largo High School in Mrs.Jackson class. I told u I was not gonna lose em. But i miss u so much u were so close to me man u kno it. I will always miss u. I will neverforget u EVER. You will always have a spot in my heart for u.I LOVE U