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Savoy, Anthony Maurice, III, 8 months

(Updated 21 Sep 2008, Map)

Anthony Maurice Savoy, III, 8 months (8.091).
D.C. Man Charged in '08 Death Of Infant.
Post, 10 Jul 2009 (Rojas).
Last September, 9-month-old Anthony M. Savoy III was killed in his car seat in Suitland, struck by one of more than a dozen bullets from an automatic weapon. Yesterday, Prince George's County police think, they found their man.

Acting on a tip, police detectives entered a house in the Charles County town of Nanjemoy, where they arrested Karon Clifton Wilson, 21, as he hung out with friends. Wilson, of Northwest Washington, was charged with first-degree murder and was being held last night in the Prince George's Department of Corrections in Upper Marlboro.

The infant was fatally shot Sept. 3, 2008, when the minivan he was in was hit by more than a dozen shots fired from an Uzi submachine gun. The gunman then jumped into a waiting car and fled. Anthony was killed almost instantly.

His father, Anthony Maurice Savoy II, 22, suffered gunshot wounds, and police said at the time that the gunfire might have been intended for him, or possibly for the infant's mother. Savoy has since recovered, said Officer Henry Tippett, a Prince George's police spokesman.

At the time, police thought that the shootings could be connected to the shooting death of Ashlee Russell, 18, in Northeast Washington days earlier.

Last night, Tippett would not confirm that connection, but he said that the shooting probably was in retaliation for a crime committed in the District.

Police said in September that they needed help from the community to solve the infant's slaying, which took place in the 2600 block of Shadyside Avenue, in the parking lot of the apartment complex where the elder Savoy lived.

And the help came: It was a tip that led police to Wilson, Tippett said yesterday.

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  1. I, as a mother think it's ashame when a child as young as Anthony Maurice Savoy had to died in such a tragic way. I wonder, what is going on within the black and hispanic communities? That allowed killers to take our loves ones, as we, as a people stand by and watch in fear and disgust. Why would society take us serious as a race of people? When most of us are afraid to speak out? We know it happens everyday. One dies, others follow. These untimely deaths appears routine within the media. Sadly the media label our precious love ones most times with names, dates and a brief history of life. In writing there's nothing expressing the profound grief of those left behind to mourn their love ones lost. So, who cares? How do we care? Why should we care? For those who don't get it. Consider this, close your eyes imagine seeing your love one (whomever it maybe) living life in the moment. Laughing, talking, smiling just as you would picture them to be. Now, imagine them as a corpse in a coffin. Not laughing, not talking (in Baby Anthony's case and others homicide victims of love ones including yourself) not smiling. Death is final it (Death) changes everything! Those we know are love by us, those we don't are love by others. But no one and I do mean no one!!! Should ever feel as if they can take a life from Anthony, Pedro Luis Hernandez, Donna Maria Brown, Keisha, April and the list goes on and on...And for those of you so dedicated homicide detectives who feel as if you'd seen it all. You've beome numbed and insensitived. Do the communities a favor. Stop labeling a few as a whole. Get with your emotions. We all have them! And keep praying to god these victims may never be your love ones someday. Cause in this time and age nothing is certain, but everything if for sure. May God bless and help the dead seek the truth and justice. It can and will happen!