Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lipford, Wayne Alan, 43

(Updated 28 Nov 2009, Map)

Lipford, Wayne Alan, 43 (8.105).
  • Date: 14 Oct 2008, 6:30 pm
  • Location: Flintridge Drive, 5200 block, 20737 (586).
  • Shot; found on the ground with gunshot wounds to the upper body
  • Victim's address: Pocono Place, 3600 block, 20705 (587).
  • Sources:
  • Obituary: Post, 18 Oct 2008 (Online for 90 days).

    On Tuesday, October 14, 2008 of Beltsville, MD. Dearly loved son of William and Kathleen Lipford; precious grandson of the late Norma Newnam and other late grandparents. Survived by children Jacquelyn, Rachel and Cara. Also mourned by sister Michelle; aunt Florrie, cousins Dana and Jenni; uncle Jim and aunt Barbara; cousins Beth, Bonnie and Barbie; girlfriend Carrie; long-time childhood friends Keith and Captain, and many other family and friends. Celebration of his Life at 11 a.m. Saturday, October 25 at Trinity Baptist Church, 1900 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville, MD. Lunch immediately after service at church. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to a trust fund to be established in his daughter Cara's name. Please view and sign the family guest book at: www.gaschs.com.

  • James Jacob Young, 28
  • Arrested 28 Oct 2008
  • Charge: First degree murder
  • Address: Washington, DC, Minnesota Avenue SE, 2800 block (599).
  • Sources:
  • Acquitted, 6 Jul 2009
    • Post, 8 Jul 2009


  1. I know your in a better place honey. I'm glad you were in my arms and under a tree when the Lord took you. We'll see eachother again someday Treeman!! I Love You and ALWAYS will!!!!
    Carrie(your tree girl)

  2. Anniversary of the MURDER OF WAYNE ALAN LIPFORD

    How does a person like James Jacob Young think he can go about murdering Wayne and get away scot free!!!!!!!!!! Well the fucking justice system sucks!!!!!!!! Just because the justice system thinks a person who was a witness was not credible. Well you fucking idiots you all just gave that asshole a license to kill more people because all he has to do now IS to continue SHOOTING OTHER PEOPLE that he gets angry at or doesn't like around people that the state thinks are not credible people. Well, that must mean most of us because according to the state if you have one thing on your record you are not a credible witness. You all just let this heartless killer freak out in society. Shooting Wayne was a murderous event and will never be forgotten. So each year on his anniversary his loved ones are expected to accept that justice system has faulty MURDER LAWS!!! Be aware asshole that the Lord and God work in mysterious ways?????????

    Forgive Puncho, Wayne

  3. I just miss him. I want him back. James Young took that from me. Took my father. I never get to see him again, feel his arms around me. You robbed me of my childhood the day after my birthday, I talked to him the day before, Dad told me he was going to come too me. He never did.


    1. Sorry to you and your family, but the comment about the Lord Working In Mysterious Ways Is Right. Wayne hurt and caused a lot or serious injury's and damage to a lot of people and if Jacob Young didn't kill him, Wayne would of ended up killing some other innocent person, ask Wayne Sours or Attorney Sam Serio about the permanent bodily injury that he caused to an unknowing victim that he blind sided when he attack him for absolutely no reason, except for Kathy Sours, what about that completely innocent victim that will be suffering from the injury's had to have reconstructive surgery to his face, nasal cavity, and tear duct in his eye, and he still suffers today. I think Wayne was allowed to have lived longer then he should have. He did have a good Christian Mother and Family and i feel bad that you all have had to suffer because of Wayne's bad choices. Wayne robbed a good man out of a normal life. If Sam didn't get him off of the charges from that attack he would of went to Jail for a little while and he could have possibly changed his ways and would be alive today. Ask Tommy Hess or Jay Corely they will tell you Wayne was a Dangerous Person.

  4. Dear Anonymous - You are entitled to your opinion. There is always more to the story than people know. Regardless of Wayne's shortcomings, he was a loved son, brother, father, nephew and cousin to his family. God loves all of his children and Wayne is in Heaven now at peace. Let it be.