Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baah, Eunice, 36

(Updated 30 Sep 2010, Map)

Eunice Baah, 40 (9.003).
Updates (incomplete):  See page for Seth Aidoo, 40.


    1. Sheila's worst nightmareWednesday, June 24, 2009 2:20:00 PM

      Fathers day just passed and because you did not send me a text message on that day I used the old fathers day text message that you sent me last year. That was enough to comfort me because I know you have always loved your family and fathers day is one of the occasions that you show such love. The kids are holding up as well we would expect them to do in your absence. By God's Grace the rest of us are surviving.
      We know that you saw Sam and Delford and all they did to you on that fateful day, they are in jail and Sheila will be in Jail sooner or later. From all account seth fought Delford and Sam but could not open the front door to get out of the house before his killers got to him.
      But as I promised you before burial we will fight and fight and fight until we get justice for what happened to you. I love you and your death will never be in vain.

    2. The poeple who planned and killed these two lovely young couple shall also meet their creator even or in a very harsh way to answer for their blood. These two young couple's blood shall never stop running over heads and every thing those planners and killers do shall not prosper. Seth and Eunice may God rest you in His bossom and bless the children you left behind. You will always be remembered.

    3. Amanfoo rest in peace senior!

    4. Akua, we are still fighting for Justice. Family and friends are still holding up the torch.

    5. Akua, Sam Culley has pleaded guilty for his part in what he shiela and her boyfriend did to you. We are still fighting. May the good lord continue to keep u until we meet again.

      This is Sam Culley's guilty plea doc summary. 1 down 2 to go.
      I told you that Asem beba Dabi!!!!!!

      Date: 04/06/2010
      Document Name: Adult Daily Sheet, Filed
      Docket Text: #350 eaf Waiver of Rights at Plea, filed. All pending defense motions withdrawn. Exhibit list, filed. State's exhibit 1 sealed in court jacket. Plea of Not Guilty withdrawn and ABA plea of Guilty entered to: Count 1: First Degree Murder Count 2: First Degree Murder. Court accepts plea. Judge Missouri, Mr. Spear, Reporter Pre-Sentence Ordered. Sentencing Date: May 6, 2010 for 2 hours before Judge Missouri at 9:30 A.M. Remanded to custody of the Sheriff pending sentencing. All Parties and Attorneys notified. Cancel Jury Trial dates before Judge Missouri of May 3, 2010 thru May 13, 2010.

    6. As the good book the bible said "avenges is my said the Lord." God will also bring justice.