Monday, January 26, 2009

Lofton, Karissa Olivia, 16

(Updated 31 Jan 2009, Map)

Karissa Olivia Lofton, 16  (9.006).
  • Date: 26 Jan 2009, 2:26 am
  • Location: Southall Drive, 10800 block, 20774 (648).
  • Shot; double homicide of mother (Karen Lofton ) and daughter 
  • Victim's address: Southall Drive, 10800 block, 20774 (648).
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  • Obituary: 30 Jan 2009 (Online for 90 days).

    KAREN SHERILL-LOFTON KARISSA OLIVIA LOFTON On Monday, January 26, 2009; mother and daughter of Largo, MD. Mother and sister of Kirkland S. Lofton, Jr and Keon T. Lofton; beloved daughter and granddaughter of Jacqueline Robinson and Warren Sherill; beloved daughter of Kirkland S. Lofton, Sr. Karen is survived by her sister Sandra and brother Kevin Sherill and a host of other relatives. Karissa is survived by her father, brothers, and a host of other relatives. Viewing will be held at Riverdale Baptist Church, 1177 Largo Road, Upper Marlboro, MD. on Saturday, January 31 from 10:30 a.m. until service at 12 noon. Pastor Steven Weaver officiating. Interment Fort Lincoln Cemetery. Services entrusted to LATIMORE FUNERAL SERVICES, 301 404-2207.


  1. Add to the homicides: for the crime of possibly having been born in PG, and having their mother and siblings killed in a fire, three pit bull breed puppies. A fire on Dallas Place in Temple Hills damaged an apartment building, AND brought PGAMD running. They found several surviving puppies. A "breed ban" law makes dogs that are judged to be "pit bulls" illegal, in the County, and it is very unlikely that homes can be found for these puppies somewhere OUTSIDE PG county. Very likely, they will be "held" until a charge is brought and a case decided regarding their ownership, at which time the dogs in most cases like this are killed ("humanely"). All for having been born in the county. "Punish all victims" seems to be the policy.

  2. I knew Karissa and I just want to say that she was a sweet person and she and her mother didnt deserve this and I hope they find who did this to sweet Karissa and her mother and sentence that person to life in prison

  3. My daughter and Karissa were friends since Kinder, and they had plans on getting a place together when they turned 18. I saddens me to know that a young life ended this way, I watched Karissa and my daughter step in COLORS, and compete in Double Dutch. They always stayed in touch with each daughter wonders why did this happen to my best friend. I can only hold her and let her know that Karissa is looking down on you and smiley on you now. I pray for Karissa's family. I feel so sad know this yound life is no longer here with us on earth, but know that she now walks hand and hand with God. We all love you Karissa and Karen, you will be missed.