Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wheeling, Hannah E., 65

Hannah E. Wheeling, 65 (0.011).
(Updated 9 Mar 2011)


  1. Over 35,000 white women are raped by blacks every year.

    Criminal Victimization in the United States -- Statistical Tables, 2005

    Obama's famous speech where he ridiculed his grandmother for avoiding an aggressive demanding stranger on a bus encourages negros to rape and kill white women. To tell woman to stay with loud dangerous demanding stranger is the heart of evil.
    Obama is intentionally encouraging white women to be in dangerous situation. He is feeding innocents to the black rape machine.

    We know because of what was not said that Hannah was white and the killer black. The papers have stopped reporting the truth. This is one of the hallmarks of genocide.

  2. This is just disrespectful to this persons memory, and to many ppl out there. Why post something like this here, Obama is not the problem, its folks like you that are the problem. The lies you tell promote and provoke violence. I wonder.....did you ever stop to count how many white men raped black women....especially the ones that they bought as slaves Move to another country if you are sooo dissatisfied with this one.

  3. That's right.....move! Well said anonymous comment #2.

  4. Over 35,000 white women are raped by blacks every year.
    The facts are the facts commenter two and three are the ones that are ignorant of the truth.
    You hardly hear of the vicious violence of black on white crime on the media but if it is the white on black which is much less it is all over the liberal media. Take for instance the Knoxville murder of a college couple who were murdered by a house full of black thugs.
    They raped the boyfriend and cut his private part off and burned him in front of his girlfriend. They then held her as captive for a week and raped, tortured and murdered her and stuffed her body in garbage cans.
    The victims names were Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murdered jan 7 2007.
    Never heard about this story? Just my point!

  5. #1 and #4 you are clearly the problem, there are just as many white on black crimes today as there was back in the 50s - present. If you need to point the finger, point it at the media being they're so BIG on reporting false statements as soon as a white woman cries and says, her children were taken by a black man, immediately every black male is under the microscope and come to find out, the crazed seed of incest killed her own kids......check your own backyard before you jump the fence and put down another race!!! Both of you are nothing but ingorant HATERS and to be honest...the next time something like your story above happens, you get online and share your story with the WORLD??