Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Turner, Clifton Antione, 42

Clifton Antion Turner, 42 (1.002).
(Updated 6 Jan 2011)


    1. This guy spent ten years in the slammer for second degree murder. It was originally first degree, but the first jury had a mistrial. Then he pleaded to second degree. I wonder if this is related to his death.

    2. That does not make him a KILLER because he kill someone before.You was not thier to know what happen.He did his time for that murder.The only person that could of let him free from that Murder was God.Since he did time & was release which mean he did not intentionally do it but they had to give him some incarceration for what he had done.Please let God judge people & stop judging people and minding thier business.He is still a human being & he could of been your child.Clifton made everyone smile that he was around.He was a kind hearted person.I dont have anything bad to say about him cause thats not my place.My condolosces goes out to his family & friends.May God bless his family.