Thursday, May 19, 2011

Caple, Tiara Janae, 21

Tiara Janae Caple, 21 (1.046).
(Updated 5 Jun 2011)
  • Additional news:
    • 21 May 2011
      • Gazette: Victim identified in Temple Hills stabbing death; Police investigate protective order woman requested in Feb  
    • 20 May 2011 
      • GoryPG: Unidentified woman, (1.046), 19 May 2011, 11:07 pm, Leslie Ave, 3500 blk, Temple Hills, 20748 (8/25), Dom. stab  
      • PGPolice: Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing in Temple Hills (3098) 
      • Post: Prince George’s police investigating deadly domestic dispute; woman dead, man injured 
      • wusa9: Police Investigate Double Stabbing In Temple Hills 
      • Gazette: Woman dies after double-stabbing in Temple Hills; Man also injured in domestic fight late Thursday 
      • anobleDC PG police investigate double stabbing - 
      • darcyspencer Tiara Janae Caple, 21, stabbed to death in temple hills last night. Man also stabbed, wounded


  1. A restraining order was made against the ex- boyfriend, and the ex-boyfriend was stabbed also, but not killed. This sounds very suspicious, and I hope the ex-boyfriend is looked into a little bit more.

  2. watch your mouth. that "ex-boyfriend" was my friend, and he's dead now.... i love how ominous and one-sided the papers and the news have made this. it's always so easy to cast judgement when you don't know, when you don't what went on in a situation.i hate this. i've lost one my best friends, and his kid's lost both parents, and even in death one of my most passive and good-hearted friends is now the bad guy. but hey; anything to sell a paper, to get more ratings, right?

  3. so the ex boyfriend is dead? well guess what good. he got what he deserved. its ok if you can't see he did this. he never could keep his hands off her before. he even abused their child. the truth is a but hard to shallow ain't it? because of him i lost someone i loved and cared about. one of my best friends is gone because of your best friend.

  4. she refused to see him even on the day he turned up at the bus stop when she was coming home from work.. it was no secret that the loser was extremely abusive, and when she was done with the abuse after he put hands on her child he harassed all of her friends to get to her... He did this to himself... His 'wound' was self inflicted, while she was stabbed multiple times... You must not have known him very well if you think he was incapable of this... Cause he was very capable... So you should definitely get your facts straight...She was my family and now she Is gone... And he is to blame... Sorry to bust your bubble... And this isn't the's fact..

  5. You're dumb. If anything, Her family is to blame. Why don't ya'll look into that. If her family loved and cared about her so much, why didn't anybody EVER go pick her up from work. She was by herself all the time. They didn't seem to care. She also had to hitch a ride from a stranger in the big blizzard. Tell me How they cared about her. Now that she's gone they wanna be so called "Concerned" Get out of here. He And his family cared about her WAY more than her own. HE and HIS FAMILY did way more for her than they did. Her and her child lived With him. He'd Never abuse his own child. Sorry To Burst Your Bubble. You should really get your facts corrected. You don't know him at all and probably barely knew her. TWO innocent people were killed. The truth about all this will come out. God will do his work.

  6. U said she refuse to see him at the bus stop was u there?????? How do u know this? Everyone is always quick to judge someone only god know what really happen that night. unless u were there. Did u do this???????

  7. Now why the fuck would he stab himself... in the neck at that... that was the most retarded shit I'e EVER heard ANYONE say... are you fucking stupid...??? he was the most kind hearted, loving person ANYONE could have EVER known!!!!!! yes ppl do take their own lives, but he would NEVER think twice to do something like that. he has 2 sons wtf would he do such a thing to them...?!! RIP to 2 lvoely, innocent parents of 1 beautiful boy.