Friday, September 16, 2011

Hayes, Graham Edmonson, II, 45

Graham Edmondson Hayes, II, 45 (1.083).
(Updated 24 Sep 2011)
  • Additional news:
    • 20 Sep 2011
    • 17-19 Sep 2011
      • PGPDPressOffice  Police are investigating a double homicide at the 10900 block of Indian Head Hwy in #FortWashington. More details provided when available.17 Sep
      • darcyspencer  Pgpd investigating double homicide indian head highway, fort washington. 2 men dead. Cops on scene 17 Sep
      • DCAbloob WJLA/7: Prince George's County police investigate double homicide  17 Sep
      • postlocal  Prince George's police say a man was found dead inside a Fort Washington home, another was found dead outside - 17 Sep
      • PGPDPressOffice #PGPD Investigates Homicide in Fort Washington, Maryland   17 Sep 
      • DCAbloob PGPD now reports last night's Fort Washington double homicide was actually a murder-suicide.  17 Sep
      • darcyspencer Fort washington murder-suicide scene in prince george's county. Police say men worked together here. No motive. Ha 17 Sep 
      • darcyspencer PGPD now says ft wash double homicide was a murder suicide. Men worked together. Story at 11pm 17 Sep
      • PGCBlogging  Disturbing murder/suicide in Ft. Washington, HOPE LoanPort web site is help 4 MD residents in foreclosure mediation 18 Sep
      • postcrime Police: Man kills co-worker, shoots self in Prince George’s County 19 Sep
      • anobleDC: PG County police investigate murder-suicide in Fort Washington. Man killed coworker, then self - 19 Sep

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