Friday, February 08, 2013

Buggs, Tonya Michelle, 43, (3.010)

(Updated 10 Feb 2013)

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  1. It's so sad how this woman died. The police weren't justified in shooting her. All 3 officers opened fire, because she waved a knife in a threatening manner, or whatever the case may have been. If she didn't have a gun, I see no reason for them to shoot. Bladensburg police obviously need to be retrained, if they feel the need to gun down someone wielding a knife. I'm a woman, who has held a knife up to a guy to keep him from abusing me and he got that knife out of my hand in no time. Maybe he can give the "strong", "brave" officers a lesson in disarming a woman. I hope that these officers are let go, for everyone's safety. Punks! Serve and protect, my @ss.