Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kearney, Donte, 21

Donte Kearney, 21 (9.066)
  • 13 Aug 2009, 11:35 pm
  • 21st Avenue, 4100 block, 20748
  • Shot
  • Residence: Roy Place, 4000 block
  • Arrested: Butler, Wydell Eugene, 19
    • First Degree Murder
    • Residence: Hil Mar Drive, 6400 block
    • Police, 16 Aug 2009
    • Post, 16 Aug 2009


  1. donte miss u babe its fucked up u had to leave like this ryt after u juss made it out of that shyt wit bok always remembered we luv u we miss yall like shyt yall styll here wit us FUCK EUGENE WYDELL BUTLER WHO EVA THA FUCK HE IIZ dieslowww biiitch ur qonna hahaha laughnow crylata bitch hope u cactch aids in jail u murdered my fam how kould u how u sleep at night..!? i hate u w a passion nd i dnt even no u.. KARMA ALL DAY BITCH ..nd whoeva else was involved wit any of that shyt we myt not no everythinq but god does nd ur day will cum sooooon ..fuck ya off that DONTE WE GOTCHU WATCHIN OVER US NOW WE LUV U ND MISS U BABAYY I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP AT NIGHT..BOK MISS U BABE ..ITS CRAZY HOW SUM1ELSE SUCCESS BRING PAIIN..HATEN ASS ANYTHINGASS NO MONEY GRIMMY ASS BIITCHES WHATEVA THA CASE MAY BE ITS CRAZY IM MAD BUT GONNA BE OKAY IMA KEEP MY HEAD UP ALL DAY ..YALL R IN MY PRAYERS ND DREAMS I LUV YALL LIKE SHYT .. NEVER WILL BE THA SAME ROUND HERE W OUT YALL JUST KNOE THAT ..IM DONE TALKIN ..RIP TO MY NIGGAZ .. MY BROTHAS..WE LUV YALL ..REALTALK..!! like i said whoeva else was involved fffuuccckk uuurrr liiiffe..luvv always donte kearney..lil sis 4 lyfe..nd all of us in akko..nd tha city<3333

  2. y baby y? missing yu lik krazy out here not a day goes past that i dont think about yu being with yu.i guess i didnt realize love till i lost it .but i do kno we will meet again and soon..away from the troubles and pains of this tryna stay strong babe like how yu wud want but its hard.especially because it sickens me that the BITCHES AND NIGGAS r still walkin around like evrything sweet....but i love yu baby and yu r NEVER forgotten eva.keep watching over me i look forward to go to sleep everynite.jus to see yu in my dreams..i love yu boy wit everything in me and if i had one wish.kill.on everything it wud be to bring yu back.i miss yu suga yu baby

  3. I remember the last conversation that we had and the song we were listening too. Still I cry everytime I hear the song by Drake "I Wanna Be Successfull". I never dreamed of the plan that God had in stored for you. He wanted you home. But you still feel you here with me.


    RIP' Mama

  4. Donte...Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. I know your in a better place and havin it up with your mans Bok. Shit was fucked up. We had JUST went to the beach to watch fireworks the week, I just couldnt believe it, we had soooo much fun! Now its almost been a year and its soo unreal. Acco aint the same, and never will be. Nothin is the same. Your funeral was so beautiful, one of the best ive seen, and everytime I hear "Its the god in me" I think of u, look up in the sky and smile cus I know your there. Love always & forever<3

  5. Dam,homie it was sad wen i heard bout it i remember in Gwynn Park we became enemies and even fought in the bathroom.but when i seen u years later we shook hands like men suppose to!and i definatly respected dat.just wanted to show my luv and c u when i get there......(da good die young)

  6. Donte please flyy in peace...tha shyt is unreal fukk u butler!!!!! fukk u nigga!!! Man Donte wtf??? how? why? man i know its beutiful where u are i just wish u was here on earth to make this place funnier...u was cool yo my brotha n shyt man flyy in peace wit my down on us and watch over us miss u always and love you always!!!!!!