Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brown, Terrell Jerome, 26

Terrell Jerome Brown, 26,  (1.033).
  • 16 Apr 2011, 9:19 am
  • Merrimac Drive, 1400 block, Langley Park, 20783 (2/47).
  • Stabbed
  • Residence: Dunkirk, MD, Carter Avenue, 2300 block,
  • Sources:
  • Arrest:
    • Fowler, Michael Anthony, 25 (Status)
    • Charge: Second degree murder; manslaughter, assault
    • Residence: Merrimac Drive, 1400 block (1409), Langley Park, 20783 (2/47)
(Updated 25 Apr 2011)
  •  Additional sources:
    • 17 Apr 2011
      • darcyspencer Michael Anthony Fowler, 25, charged in murder of Terrell Jerome Brown, langley park, pg 


  1. God bless you Terrell. Rest In Peace

  2. Terrel was a very nice and respectful youpng man. Its a shame your life was cut short by an evil demon. Young black me need to wake up. Stop killing each other. Stop taking away people sons, brothers, and cousins.
    Terrell we love you and you are already missed.

  3. terrell was my co worker/friend..i trained him when first started.he was a good person and i am sadden by his lost. my prayer go out his kids..

  4. Words don't even describe how much I miss you. Until I see you again you will never be forgotten and will always have a place in my heart. You looked at my son like he was you own. You would do anything in the world for anybody. A person and a friend like you will never be forgotten. R.I.P Gone but Never Forgotten

  5. My prayers and condolences go out to all family and friends. I've known Terrell since 7th grade when we discovered we were relatives. He's a good guy...a perfect friend that anyone could ask for. Very humble, quiet and loved to party with BYB! You will always remain in our hearts. May your soul rest in peace Terrell.

  6. Everyone at AAMC liked his sweet, soft spoken, and helpful manner. He was liked among all the healthcare workers.

  7. feeling so sorry for my family right now.. dude y would you kill my cuzin... he was so sweet! imma miss him

    and to you young man that did it... u life will never be the same, all becuz of this murder....
    it time to come together people

  8. You will be greatly missed Terrell. My prayers go to your family during this difficult time. You will be remembered as a soft spoken man, always willing to help with whatever!You were respectful and just an all around good guy! I at AAMC along with everyone else at AAMC will miss you. Rest in Peace

  9. I know my life will never be the same again. I will no longer hear the gentle tone of my nephew voice saying auntie I just called to say I love you, and don't you worry I'm okay. I will no longer be able to see his gentle smile, I will no longer come home from work and see him taking a nap on the sofa, his gentle hugs,the late nights waiting to hear BYB playing before being able to sleep, saying to myself okay Rel is home. It's all been taking away forever...

    But I know GOD is a good GOD, I will not be selfish, even though it is taking every ounce of faith within me to say this my prayers are with the Fowler family as well. Even though we have endure a lost forever they have endure some sorrow as well.

    Terrell I will always love you, I'm missing you so much, Aunt Aggie

  10. Man man man I miss Rell...damn he was a friend brother cousin all rolled in one.I will never forget the memories we shared especially that night before you left me, that conversation we had in the told me before we part was ...u smiled and said man gray.... we party just like old times .

  11. Rel damn fam im still in shock about chu not being here wit me and not talking to you everyday and you know how cousin Vikk get down but imma live from you buck all day everyday i can't even listin to byb nomore because that shit hurts so much but god took u for a reason i don't know what but im sure he does you will never be 4gotton and you can believe dat big brother save a spot for me we will meet up again "1 LOVE"BONG BONG sooooooop

  12. Words can't begin to express how I felt about you. I'm so glad that we spent the time together right before you were taken from me. I miss everything about you. Your smile, touch, our conversations just the way you held me at night. Missing all of this and missing you is so unbarable. Our last conversation you shared so much and had if I had known then that, that was going to be our last everything I would have told you one more time how much I loved you. Missing you so Much Rell. The kids talk about you all the time. RIP loving you forever

  13. Hell Rell,Rell,Ralph its 2013 and its seems still like yesterday more dan just a causin U were a brother and friend w/undying love,loyalty n sincerity for all close to U as well as respect for the elderly.Still wait to C U pull up around da way then I have to realise Ur gone......But never forgotten.......1Luv......STREETZ